Who We Are

SouthLife Church Taieri, is made up of a group of Christians who Love, their God, living a full Life and being in Community. Hence we have as our church moto - "A Church You Can Call Home."

We at present are not a large church, but we are a group who dream big and carry a vision of the future that is much more expansive than our present reality. We are Pentecostal in our faith beliefs and expression of worship. we make every effort to be genuine disciples of Jesus Christ in all of our life style, within the home, work place, sports field or arena, and of course our neighbourhood.

We belong to the ACTS Churches Movement of New Zealand, of which was planted and founded in New Zealand in the early 1930’s from a worldwide missions endeavour, beginning from an event that is known as the ‘Welsh Revival of 1904’ 
The ACTS Churches where known formally as The Apostolic Church of New Zealand…

We work hard at cultivating into our lives a passion and love for God’s Word (The Bible). We believe that the Holy Scriptures can speak into our everyday lives, implanting both a wisdom and pattern for doing life well… Couple with this the Power and influence of the Holy Spirit in our lives, we become contagious, influential ambassadors for God’s Kingdom.

If you are in our area come and fellowship with us on a Sunday morning or join us in the midweek at one of our Life Groups that meet within our community.
Ps Paul.

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