1. Gaynor Bennett
    Gaynor Bennett
  2. Richard Darby
    Richard Darby
  3. Lorna Lowther
    Lorna Lowther
  4. Paul Bennett
    Paul Bennett
  5. Micheal Brown
    Micheal Brown
    Movement Supervisor/Trustee
  6. Mary Lanham
    Mary Lanham
    Pastoral Care
  7. Pieter & Sharon Burger
    Pieter & Sharon Burger
    Life Group Leaders
  8. Katie Aldridge
    Katie Aldridge
    Life Kids


Ps Paul Bennett - just entered a new decade (60), Paul has been pastoring for 33 years starting his journey as a youth pastor, being ordained in 1993, became senior pastor in 2000.

He founded SouthLife Church in 2007 which was a new initiative of combining three churches to become one church in three centres.

In 2014 Paul with his wife Gaynor stepped down from the senior role and moved to Mosgiel forming SouthLife Church Taieri.
Gaynor is married to Ps Paul - they have been marred in 2016 for 39 years.

Gaynor is a dietitian with many years of experience in the area of eating disorders. she works 29 hours a week in this vital area of health Care.

With her love of gardening, her 5 grandkids, swimming coaching and leading a women’s weekly Bible study put alongside helping with weekend church duties she has a busy life…