SouthLife Church Taieri is a 'not for profit' organisation we operate as a registered Trust, (SouthLife Church Taieri Trust), as such our total income is derived from the good will and faithful giving of tithes and offerings from the church congregation. We have no formal membership and there is no requirement of payable fees. As the tenth tenant of our statement of beliefs states, we encourage the practice of responsible wise stewardship of our weekly/monthly incomes, by the process of setting aside a tenth of our wages and income to be given as a free will offering to God’s Kingdom.


We believe that it is a biblical practice to begin with a tenth as a minimum, but that generosity would always take us beyond this minimum of the tithe of ten percent. God’s nature is one of extravagant generosity therefore, as disciples of Jesus Christ we are to grow in our generosity too!

Scripture encourages Jesus followers to be generous, willing and cheerful givers, to facilitate this process we have created a number of opportunity for people to give.

  • Every Sunday in our Service’s we give the opportunity for an offering to be given. This is facilitated by passing a small bucket across the rows for people to place their offering in. this can be either cash or cheques. We have available ‘Offering Envelopes’ to help facilitate this process, these envelopes are designed so as people can designate their offerings.

  • There is also the opportunity for people to give via their Bank – AP payments, electronic transfers etc.

We have created a tithe number system that enables people to receive a receipt at the end of the financial year, by which they have the opportunity to claim a Charities rebate on their income.

If you would like to be included in this system, then you can email the church requesting for, or ask the pastor for a tithe number, and if you intend to give your tithe via AP payments the Bank account details will be forwarded to you.

Donations & Tithes

10. Tenant
'The privilege and responsibility of wise stewardship of all that God has given,           including the practice of tithing to the local church.'