SouthLife Church Taieri has some history behind it. Planted from the Dunedin City church back in the 1980’s, becoming known as ‘Mosgiel Christian Centre’ – after several pastoral changes the church became a congregation of a new church initiative, where three separate churches became one church known as ‘SouthLife church’ in 2007. SouthLife church was one church with three congregations a new initiative undertaken by Ps Paul Bennett and the eldership of the then Dunedin City Apostolic Church.

The three congregations began a fruitful season of growth and being enriched by the ability of having a large population base to draw from, with teams of musicians, sound technician’s, and preachers servicing the three congregations.

2014 brought another change with the senior pastor Paul Bennett stepping down from the leadership reins of SouthLife Church – the church reorganised and reverted back to be three separate stand-alone churches.   
Ps Paul & Gaynor his wife, stepped down and relocated to Mosgiel to pastor the now new SouthLife Church Taieri congregation, the other two churches rebranded becoming new identities with in the ACTS churches Movement.


SouthLife Church Taieri – because we are ministering to the town of Mosgiel and the surrounding region known as the Taieri plain… Mosgiel is situated at the end of the southern motorway leading south out of the city of Dunedin. It is built from the slopes of Saddle Hill down onto the flats of the plain, 10 km from the Dunedin Airport. Mosgiel is a growing town with about 14,000 people at present, housing divisions continue to be added to the town. The surrounding area is both dairy and sheep farming with many life-style blocks.

So the challenges that lay before us as a church are many… We have the opportunities to minister to a large elderly population, yet at the same time with the growing new housing areas there are many families who have moved in and are just beginning to have children or those who already have teenagers…

Mosgiel like most towns, have their portion of the population who are struggling in life with a lack of income, either from low income employment or no employment. Those who in our community struggling with loneliness, depression, mental-illness or some debilitating dependency… so many needs offer to God’s people many opportunities to be proactive and genuine in their faith walk.

These are the surrounds that we find ourselves ministering in, we believe God has appointed us, empowered us, and equipped us for this particular time and place of history, to bring the goodness of God’s grace and His Kingdom life to this lost and hurting society.

About the Town of Mosgiel

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